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Partners & Sponsors

Creation and Design

The LMRC web platform has been realized through the efforts of the Ecoagriculture Working Group at Cornell University, under the leadership of Louise Buck.  Paul Treadwell, Tom Gavin, Jeff Milder and Debra Rich have been centrally involved in designing and developing the site. The team has worked in concert with leadership and staff members of Ecoagriculture Partners.


The Landscape Measures Initiative is guided by an International Steering Committee (ISC) that includes more than 20 organizations. Ecoagriculture Partners, the Cornell Ecoagriculture Working Group, and the ISC form the LMRC Partnership.


Several organizations have sponsored the LMI and the development of the LMRC. They include the Government of the Netherlands, PROFOR, The Nature Conservancy, The World Bank’s Development Grants Facility (DGF) and its Sustainability Network of Global Programs and Partnerhips (GPP), and TerrAfrica.

View a guided screencast tour of the LMRC here.

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