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Contribute to the LMRC

The contribution forums in the LMRC are designed to capture feedback and input from partners in the Landscape Measures Initiative who are engaged in building and improving the LMRC. Later, these forums will be used to encourage users of the LMRC to ask questions and to share their experience with landscape measurement. The two ways to contribute are described below.

Comments and general input

At the bottom of most pages you will find a Comment box that looks like this:
comment box
To provide feedback on a particular page, or at the end of a Section or Unit, fill in the required fields (name and email address). Then type your comments and click the “Submit” button.

More in-depth input and discussion

The discussion forum enable reviewers and contributors to provide concrete input and to issues and ideas they have about the site. Documents and weblinks may be uploaded from the discussion board, and discussion threads will be maintained there.

View an overview screencast of how to contribute to the LMRC here.

Download Using-the-lmrc-discussion-board (pdf)

Go to the Discussion Forum by clicking here.