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An integrative indicator reveals information about multiple landscape functions and goals for landscape performance (ie; multiple legs of the `ecoagriculture stool’). Land Cover is an integrative indicator. Analyzing patterns of landcover change over time can generate insight into conservation, production, livelihood and institutional performance, and relationships among specific attributes within each category.

A leverage indicator provides [...]

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Below is a list of twenty questions that will guide stakeholders in thinking and talking about landscapes where it is desirable to conserve biodiversity, deliver ecosystem services, sustain agricultural production and secure the livelihoods of the people who live there. The questions can serve as guidelines for considering how, and how well, a landscape is [...]

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Ecosystem service linkages

Ecosystem services play a central role in multi-functional landscapes, and are a key tenet of the ecoagriculture concept. A conceptual tool that has proven useful in communicating ideas about relationships between ecosystem services and the three legs of the ecoagriculture stool is the diagram below.

The figure depicts ecosystem services as representing an important “bridge” among [...]

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Ecoagriculture Stool

Good conceptual tools communicate ideas. The ‘Ecoagriculture Stool’ has proven to be a useful conceptual tool for communicating the idea of ecoagriculture landscapes. The three legs of the stool represent the three goals of ecoagriculture, which are interdependent. The stool will wobble or the seat will not fit unless all three legs of the stool [...]

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Conceptual Tools

These tools will aid in thinking and communicating about elements of an ecoagricultural landscape and how to measure their performance.

Ecoagriculture stool
Ecosystem service linkages
Integrative and leverage indicators
Scale and tradeoffs
Twenty questions
Conceptual models

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