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The Landscape Measures Resource Center (LMRC) is a collection of ideas and tools to aid in managing areas where interests in protecting biodiversity, producing food and securing rural livelihoods converge. The LMRC is rooted in the premise that measurement enhances management. Learning to measure how landscapes perform in delivering food, biodiversity and livelihood outcomes is anticipated to endow management systems with the capacity to sustain these multiple functions while reducing or reversing the degradation of natural resources.

Landscape with AgroforestryPhoto: Sajal Sthapit

The creators of the LMRC recognize producers of crops, livestock, fish and forest resources as stewards of ecosystems and biodiversity. The LMRC is designed to bring the knowledge of these natural resource managers and their supporters to bear on the challenges of landscape measurement and management.

The LMRC is organized around six units that frame a process for assessing the performance of integrated (conservation and production) landscapes. The LMRC links elements of the landscape assessment process to a variety of tools and resources that enable the practice of landscape measurement. Case studies illustrate the contexts in which LMRC may be a helpful resource, as well as the use of many tools. A glossary defines key terms.

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